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1976'dan beri...

Lezzo Food Marketing Inc.; 1976 was founded by Chemist-Industrialist Özdemir Ali Yarar in. Since its inception has been identified as Turkey's first and powdered beverage brand name in Turkey and has a legitimate place in the world.
"Lezzo Apple Tea" is a world-renowned product and is requested by the tourists coming to our country..
Our company strives to do the best in terms of quality and service.; Considering the needs of the consumer, it has added many products to its product range along with powdered beverages.. Tomato paste, Soup, Etsuyu, Whipped cream, Pudding, etc. products are produced with a flexible production model as Lezzo brand and private label on demand..
Our products, It is offered to consumers in all provinces in the domestic market.. Also all EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, It has a wide export network covering African and Middle Eastern countries..
High capacity, Quality and sustainable production is made in our facilities where advanced and self-renewing technology is used.. In our facilities that do not produce any harmful waste to the environment, ISO 9001 and HACCP rules are produced..
Lezzo Company combining brand quality with dynamic human resources; aims to develop and produce new concept products together with its suppliers and employees.. As a leading company in its field with its investments and innovations, We are proud to be conscious of benefiting the national economy.

Vision-Mission and Our Values

our vision

Innovator, To contribute to the growth of healthier generations with our principled and customer-oriented approach and value added products we develop.


Customer happiness






Ethical Working Principles

Team work

Respectful to Human and Environment

Our Mission

Quality with our production facilities, healthy, innovator, reliable, To present to our customers as delicious and natural products.